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DigiDay Mobile Panel: Monetizing Mobile Content and Social Communities

Evan Neufeld, VP, comScore Brand Metrix
Alan Chapell, President, Chapell and Associates
Eric Litman, CEO, Medialets
Robert Samuels, Director Mobile Products, New York Times
Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO, itsmy.com
Moderator: Adam Hirsch, COO, Mashable
Evan (comScore): “We’re at that precipice.” – He used the phrase “pupu platter”
Eric (Medialets): Understanding who you’re reaching in mobile has been very difficult. That’s changing. No one vendor will have all the answers.
Q: Vince, how are you monetizing? And what are issues with carriers?
Vince (itsmy): Goal is to connect everyone with everyone through mobile web. Browser’s the best thing since every mobile phone with a browser can use it. App installs break that universality. We can advertise to every customer from each customer. “We love the carriers because everything we do is on the carriers network” (including payment, etc).
Robert (NYT): We see lots of direct traffic, typing nytimes.com in mobile browser. Relationships with carriers, OEMs for device portal if carriers allow it.
Eric (Medialets): Apple’s the first company to wrest control of everything away from carriers and make mobile platform a real platform. 600 million+ downloads of apps to date. Growth rate continues, not tapering. Pent up demand.
Alan (his own company, all Alan, all the time): Carrier has visibility into all mobile usage data. Theoretically that data can be used by anyone else on-deck, off-deck. Will carriers be any good at data business though? Carriers haven’t done great as media companies.
Evan (comScore): Carriers can be dump pipe, but they don’t want to. They can become media companies. Haven’t been great so far.
Vince: Who owns the customer. We should own the customer and sell the customer services. [Me: I don’t want to be owned. I pay for services, I own them. Not other way around.]
Twitter Highlights During Panel

tanvipc: Just won the new Kindle at the digiday: Mobile conference!!! (Nate – you can have my old one now) 🙂 
annemai: Why is it that panels about data are all male? #digiday http://twitpic.com/21477 

Literanista: #digiday it’s freezing in here – my fingers are cold 


levydr: See – there is an advantage to mobile web. It’s as close to carrier/device agnostic as we’re gonna get. #digiday 

digiday: Panelist Alan Chappell: We’re hearing a theme here: the theme is off deck, away from direct carrier control.” #digiday



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