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Epilogue to "Integrated Asset Digitization"

The previous post, the column on Integrated Asset Digitization, referenced Mark Brookstein, the first ever Integrated Media Buyer (that’s just according to Google, for what it’s worth).
I wasn’t familiar with Mark before I stumbled on him during the column research, but he sent me this note after the column was
published: “I thoroughly
enjoyed your article today and yes, I am glad I didn’t become a doctor.
Advertising is a lot more fun and no one dies if I screw up.”
I’ll have to tell that to my dad, though as a gastroenterologist, he seems to
have more fun than I ever will. Case in point: EneMan, who even has a cult listed on one of my favorite social networks (full disclosure: I started that cult).

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  • April 27, 2007

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