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Flying the Co-op

There’s been more buzz about Google Co-op since it added the "Build Your Own Search Engine" feature this week. I’ve been watching Co-op for awhile, and it’s one of those services that could have a major impact on how people search and search engine optimization, but hardly anyone is going to use it. This applies to the additions to Co-op as well. 

Co-op isn’t the first of its kind. For another example, try the Rollyo search box on the right-hand column of this blog. There, you can search this site, my customized search engine, or the web. The main reason I like Rollyo is that it offered the best functionality to search my own site of any engine I’ve tried; the custom search engine was just for kicks, something I’ve never personally used.

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, founder of Montreal-based search company Mojo Supreme (which runs Metamojo.com), sent me a link to his lengthy column on Co-op and the value. Unlike the Second Life blogger yesterday, Ash doesn’t rip me to shreds when he quotes me. Granted, my quote’s a small part of his detailed analysis of Co-op and how it compares to his own Mojo. Worth a read.

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