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Google Voice Voicemail Transcription Partially Useful, Unintentionally Hilarious

I recently gave Google Voice another shot. I was an early user that never used it much, partially because I didn&;t like my phone number much.

I checked it out again and paid $10 to switch my number to something more memorable. You can even search for number strings in your preferred area code, like any numbers with 1111 in it or some memorable sequence.

One of the benefits of Google Voice is voicemail transcription. I&39;m particularly bad about checking voicemail so I loved having this as an option. Here is the complete text of a voicemail I received on Friday:

Wanted&0160;to&0160;catch&0160;up&0160;with&0160;you.&0160;Well,&0160;I&39;ll&0160;try&0160;and&0160;I&0160;know,&0160;we&39;re&0160;having tons&0160;getting,&0160;in&0160;reply&0160;to&0160;that&0160;

As you can imagine, the person who left the message was older than an infant, and he&39;s even a college professor. Some of the message sounds nothing at all like the transcription. I did at least get the gist of it, so it served some benefit. It&39;s just not exactly a personal secretary yet.

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