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Hits and Misses for 2005

It’s a little humbling to see this as MediaPost’s featured story right as I post it here. Fortunately, it won’t stay that way too long. This isn’t necessarily the post I want to draw everyone’s attention to. It was cathartic to write though. The full article’s at the link above.

Nostra OK, SO NOSTRADAMUS I’M NOT. Looking back on my predictions for 2005, I’m humbled. They were all over the map. I wish I could take credit for being the first to predict the Google-AOL deal, Yahoo’s acquisition of Flickr, or InterActiveCorp shelling out $2 billion for Ask Jeeves. You didn’t read about those deals here first, but other forecasts were more on target.

The moral here is that I’m learning with you, dear reader. That being said, I also hope to learn to make better predictions, if there’s an art to that science. We’ll take a look at how my predictions for 2005 fared, and then next week I’ll once again offer some expectations for the year ahead.

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