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Feb 13, 2021,10:45am EST

Building A Marketing Community For Marketers

Meet David.

Veteran agency and tech leader David Berkowitz founded Serial Marketer as a consultancy to generate demand for growth-mode technology firms, agencies, and brands.

His career has spanned marketing and strategy leadership roles at agencies (iCrossing, 360i, MRY), tech companies (Sysomos, Storyhunter, Outernets), and other breakthrough firms.

He takes pride in proactively being resourceful to deliver results for sponsors and clients.

What Do They Say About Us?
"David has been an invaluable resource... He helped to keep Coca-Cola upon the latest trends while ensuring any recommendations were strategically aligned to drive business results. He always has gone above and beyond.”
Linda Cronin
VP Integrated Marketing Coca-Cola
"His finger is on the pulse of the startup world and should you ever need are commendation, he is quick to give you not only a name,but often an introduction. His knowledge benefits his colleagues, clients and the industry at large.”
Rosie Yakob
Partner Genius Steals
"Working beside David was truly a career changing experience. He has the strategy & vision to help guide & direct your team to achieve new heights and drive continual growth!"
Janet Rooney
Director of Sales Sysomos / Meltwater