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Hooray, It's a Pokemon Go Tweetstorm about Marketing!

After I penned my Ad Age column about Pokemon Go, I decided to try my hand at a Pokemon .

I couldn’t figure out how to embed the whole thing (please give me any pointers if you know how). However, I did have drafts of the tweets saved before, and I only had minor edits, mostly for character length.

  1. marketing tweetstorm coming. Watch this space… (1/15)
  2. So many marketers are clamoring for how to tap into PokemonGO. This is a good and bad thing. (2/15)
  3. The good thing is that marketers are trying to pay attention to the next big thing. Yay marketers. (3/15)
  4. The bad thing is that this comes from a sore spot: so much of what marketers are doing isn’t working. (4/15)
  5. After penning a piece explaining PokemonGO to marketers (http://adage.com/article/digitalnext/a-marketer-s-guide-pokemon/304888/ ), some wondered why there weren’t more marketing opportunities  (5/15)
  6. Yes, marketers with physical stores can promote if their place is near a Pokestop or virtual gym. Will people buy there? TBD. (6/15)
  7. The biggest challenge for marketers: marketers need PokemonGO more than PokemonGO needs marketers. (7/15)
  8. Unlike Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Instagram etc etc etc PokemonGO has a B2C revenue stream of in-app virtual good purchases. (8/15)
  9. Think PokemonGO cares about selling data? Its developer, Niantic, came from Google, which invests in GO and has all that data already. (9/15)
  10. Marketers itching to do promoted Pokestops and all that miss the point. Nintendo, Pokemon and Niantic don’t need you. Sorry. (10/15)
  11. PokemonGO has more in common with Netflix that way: sucks up huge amount of time, has a B2C revenue stream. (11/15)
  12. Unlike Netflix though, PokemonGO is on the first screen. Gamers’ attention will be 110% on that app. TVs are often background noise. (12/15)
  13. So, marketers, keep on wishing for that Poke-manna and Poke-magic-bullets. PokemonGO is a place where consumers can escape you. (13/15)
  14. Oh and BTW, so many of these consumers will pay to be there. It’s a place for them to let loose, and connect with friends. (14/15)
  15. Connecting with brands is not a priority for… anyone. Truth hurts. Time to find other ways to reach people and stay relevant.  (15/15)

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