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Hooray for Widgets

Thanks to the new widgets from TypePad (maybe they’re not so new; maybe I just never figured out how to use them before), I now have a few new bells and whistles on the blog.

My personal favorite: FeedBlitz, at the top right. You can subscribe to this blog, and any other blog using it, so you get daily e-mail updates when there’s a new post. For me, this is a lot easier than feed readers or bookmarks or anything. It’s your call – if you like getting information this way, you at least have the option.

I’m also now in Technorati and Feedster (there’s a Technorati link at the bottom right; I don’t think I got the Feedster link to work). I also tried setting up a Eurekster Swicki, but it wouldn’t automatically update on my site.

The ultimate bonus for me is that with these widgets, many of which even work, I don’t have to consider switching to a different blog publishing tool. Still, if anyone can figure out why my columns sometimes get a little messed up, please let me know.

Thanks for your readership.

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    June 5, 2006

    Hi there,
    Please send me an email on which swicki wouldn’t update on your site and we’ll look into it asap. This is new feedback for us and we appreciate it.
    Jennifer –
    Swicki Team


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