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Innovation & Communications: The Roundtables Breakfast (partner plug)

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Innovation & Communications: The Roundtables Breakfast

For additional information and registration, please visit www.bdionline.com/icroundtables.
Use promo code MSCOM for a discounted rate of $145.


Tuesday, Sept, 9th 2008

8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Location: The
Graduate Center/CUNY:365 5th Avenue,
New York, NY 10016


Website: http://www.bdionline.com/icroundtables

different about this program?
of the typical keynotes, panels, and presentations, we will have a unique
interactive format that maximizes knowledge sharing, collaboration and high
level networking around topics of mutual interest related to
innovation.   Attendees will participate in 5 separate thirty minute
moderated roundtable sessions throughout the breakfast.   You will
interact with 5 different groups of leaders and discuss 5 different topics
related to innovation.  Roundtables will be assigned on a first come first
serve basis.

Why Innovation as a general topic?

Innovation was one of the highest rated topics of interest
during our recent survey of over 200 communications leaders.  This event
will focus on the intersection of innovation and communications.  We will
address the following questions:

  • How do you innovate
  • What does innovation
         mean to communications professionals?
  • What environment is
         required for innovation?
  • What are examples and
         case studies from companies who are known for their innovation?
  • How do you measure
         and monitor innovation?
  • How does the
         communications function collaborate and integrate with product development
         and design functions?
  • How do you use social
         media to help innovate the communications function?


Discussion Topics

Is your
Communication Strategy as Innovative as Your Products?

Moderator –
Brandee Barker, Director of Global Communications, Facebook

In BusinessWeek’s 2008 annual list of the 25 most innovative
companies, it ranked Toyota,
GE, BMW, Disney, P&G and 3M alongside Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook.
What landed these institutions – old and new – on the list was
their leadership in producing new technology and products in the face of
competition and a lurking economic downturn. As our peers and colleagues push
the boundaries of product innovation, how are we embracing innovation in the
communications profession? We need to listen to and drive conversations about
our product through social media. Almost everyone has a corporate blog by now,
but what about an audio or video podcast? Have you used the group feature on
YouTube or Flickr to distribute media for an event? Do you have an interest
group set up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning or MySpace? Have you ever Twittered
about a new product announcement, or monitored market trends through Facebook
Polls or Google Trends?

Branding in a
New and Innovative World

Moderator –
Dierdre Bigley, Vice President, Marketing, IBM Software, Americas

The Corporate brand has arguably been the most protected asset in
the marketing arsenal. It has historically been crafted masterfully and with
precision through traditional media. But in an era of consumer empowerment and
the wane of traditional media how do you let go of this asset to the web world?
Or do you? Can you still be and do you want to be the master manipulator?

Online Community: What is the Value Proposition?  What are the Rules and Best

Moderated by Robin Carey, CEO and
Cofounder, Social Media Today LLC

"Online community" is the hot topic but
what does it mean?  And what is the business case for forming a community?  Should
it be to create internal collaboration?  Influence the blogosphere and gain
insight?  Connect to customers and prospects? And where should
"ownership" of the community reside?  With the "content
professionals" of the communications department, either internal or
external, or with the customer-facing marketing department?


Innovation Clutter
Moderator –
Jeff Dahncke, Director, Public Relations, The Pepsi Bottling Group

The term “innovation” is overused.
Virtually all companies today tout their innovation prowess, but in reality
only a small handful of companies are perceived as true innovators by outside
audiences. Why do the “innovation” messages of some companies stick
while so many others fall on deaf ears?

How to Make use
of Technology to Communicate your Messages Innovatively

Moderator –
Saswato Das, Director Global Media Relations, Global Communications, SAP AG

In today’s multimedia world, there are a lot of ways to get messages
out. A look at some ways into how companies, large and small, may harness
technology to get maximum impact.


Need for Speed: How Social Media is Essential in Speeding Innovation

by Augustine Fou, Digital Strategist, MRM Worldwide

The speed of
innovation in marketing communications, product development, and even business
strategy is a critical competitive advantage in a market landscape where
customers are super-savvy users of information to their advantage. Our
roundtable session will spend the first 7 minutes exploring examples from the
field — some known, some unknown, and some controversial. Then as a group we
will brainstorm around how to use social media — the collective conversations
and actions of customers, evidenced online — to our advantage; and why it is
essential to our survival.

Successful Keys
to Brand Integration

Moderator –
Steve Giannetti, Vice President and Group Publisher, National Geographic

Clients and agencies are looking beyond pages, impressions, and
click through rates. They are challenging media brands to develop partnerships
that utilize many or all of their assets. National Geographic has taken its
global brand from one magazine to one encompassing 4 magazines with over 30
local language editions, a cable channel, robust on-line site, music, and
feature films. Learn how National Geographic has leveraged these assets into
integrated cross platform programs around the world…

What works?
Innovations in Communication

Moderator –
Dave Gray, Founder and Chairman, XPLANE

We’ll start by defining communication in the broadest sense
possible: Communication in the media, communication at home, communication at
work, in email and on the web. Then our discussion will focus on communications
you have seen or been involved in that resulted in dramatic change in
perceptions, behavior and results. What has worked for you? What have you seen
that has worked?

Mobile Marketing : The Final

by Larry Harris, President, Ansible

Mobile is the always on, always connected communication device.
Given a choice, we’re more likely to pick our cell phones over our
wallets when we leave home.  The US has 254 million mobile users,
and 40 million actively use the mobile internet, and growing.   How will brands
use mobile to engage their customers in personal and interactive
communications?  And why will we opt-in?

Lines of Convergence

Moderator –
Heather Oldani, Director Communications, McDonald’s U.S. Communications

In an era of innovation, how does the communications function
integrate and collaborate with other disciplines to drive business results? How
can communications effectively collaborate with other disciplines in an
organization to help shape and drive business strategy.   What role
should communications play in helping to create the strategy for new product
development, marketing execution, etc?  How do you manage "lines of convergence?"


Innovating While Greening Your

Moderated by Linda Recupero, EVP
Public Affairs, HSBC Bank, USA,

HSBC Bank successfully leverages technology while
reducing its carbon footprint.  We will discuss case studies that innovate the
communications function while achieving green objectives.

Moderators Include:

Matt DeLoca, Vice President of Sales, The FeedRoom

Jeremy Dickstein, Director of Business Development
Communications, Citi
Smith Barney

Dale Durrett, Eastern Region Sales Manager, LinkedIn

Adrienne Garland, Vice President Marketing, PR Newswire

Jessica Luterman Naeve, Managing Director, De Silva + Phillips, LLC

Rishi Malhotra, Vice President, HBO On Demand and
Multi-Platform Marketing, HBO,

Heather Nesle, FVP, Community & Philanthropic
Services, HSBC Bank USA,

Angelique Shelton, General Manager, Wikia Inc., Wikia.com


For additional information and registration, please visit www.bdionline.com/icroundtables.
Use promo code MSCOM for a discounted rate of $145.


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