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Jeremiah Owyang at the CES Bloghaus

This is a wild experience for a blogger, or a wannabe blogger. Granted, one of the joys of blogging is that there are no official press credentials. You’re reading a verified C-list blogger here, with middle authority Technorati credentials.
I’m blogging this from the Bloghaus blogger suite at the Bellagio with all these A-listers, media celebs, and just all around cool folks. Jeremiah Owyang’s been beyond hospitable (the whole Podtech crew is insanely nice – you wouldn’t know the woman tending bar is a founder of the company), introducing me around. I did lunch with Sandira Calviac and she’s here blogging away too. Everyone’s blogging, and drinking, and playing video games, and engaging in these mind-blowing conversations.
So tell me, why bother looking at TVs here?

Originally uploaded by David Berkowitz.
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Comments to: Jeremiah Owyang at the CES Bloghaus
  • January 14, 2007

    Note to Public:
    I’m just as hospitable without beer in hand as well as with beer in hand!
    Had a great time hanging with you David. I wished we could have had a more quiet conversation at an intellectual level, perhaps next time we meet up.


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