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Join My 4As Webinar on New AR and VR Possibilities

On the heels of my trip to China talking about augmented reality at Gui’An’s virtual reality conference, along with some work I’m doing with AR and VR advisory firm The Visory, I’m excited to announce what I believe is my first presentation with the 4As (the American Association of Advertising Agencies).
On December 7, I’ll be giving a talk on The Current and Future Possibilities with AR and VR. The good news about talks like this, when I have some lead time to prepare them, is that I can take far more time to amass the best and most interesting examples for brands, while spending more time on the framework for evaluating such opportunities. If you’ve done any interesting work in this field – and especially if you have data or case studies I could potentially feature during the talk – please let me know.
Webinar details for the 1pm talk are below; you can register at AAAA.org.
As AR and VR further blend, leading to the new term “mixed reality” to cover the intersection of the two, marketers will need to learn how to keep their brands relevant with new technologies.
In this webinar, you will get answers to:

  • What are the differences among all these new twists on reality?
  • What are the major platforms and players that marketers should place early bets on?
  • What are the immediate opportunities for scale and impact?
  • How do marketers ‘buy’ AR and VR? Are there ad networks or other more traditional ways to access such inventory?
  • What are the biggest challenges that marketers can expect when advertising in AR and VR, and creating branded experiences?
  • How can marketers measure success?

Who Should Attend
Suited for executives in strategic roles, especially those who oversee creative and production. Those interested in understanding future trends and how mixed reality will (and won’t) shape advertising, media consumption, and the way all marketers tell stories in the years ahead should also attend.

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