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Killed Ideas Contest – and Get a Blurb Book for a Comment

killed ideas

Update: The deadline has been extended to April 7, 11:59pm PST (it was previously March 31 and the text below has been updated). And there are still some Blurb codes left.

I’m a little late in posting this one thanks to my travels, but I did want to share some info on this contest:

A lot of my favorite ideas are ones that never materialized into anything. There’s one client where I’ve given them a lot of homeruns (okay, and a few bunts, and pop outs, and fly outs, and flat out strikeouts) and they just haven’t done anything with them. It’s a part of the job.

Blurb, a pretty impressive company for making printed books from digital content (blogs, photos, etc) is now running a Killed Ideas contest. Your best ideas will be included in a book.

The bad news: The deadline is April 7, 11:59pm PST.

The good news: You can still enter. And the curator? Only the ever-awesome Steve Hall of Adrants.

The better news: Share a comment here and get your own Blurb book – in the form of a coupon code, valued at $29.95. I have five coupons available, and I’m not even taking one. Just post ONE relevant comment about a killed idea you’ve had and include some way for me to email you (or comment and then email me directly at marketersstudio @ gmail . com).

For full disclosure, this isn’t a sponsored shill or anything. I get nothing out of this, not even a free book. I’ve actually tried to use Blurb for awhile to print a book based on my blog and couldn’t get it to work because you can’t select date ranges and I have too many blog posts. But it is a good service, as I’ve tried using it for other stuff, and I’m a big fan of doing this kind of printing; I have a few hard copies of travel journals from services like Blurb’s.

Again, first five relevant comments get a Blurb book. Not a bad deal. And if there are a lot of comments, I’ll see if Blurb can pony up another code and I’ll pick the best one for another winner – heck, even if Blurb doesn’t, if there are 10 or more relevant comments I’ll give a Blurb gift card to the best of the others.

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Comments to: Killed Ideas Contest – and Get a Blurb Book for a Comment
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    March 26, 2009

    spent a year managing a $2M project through launch @ work only to have the organization that took it from there kill it within 6 months… what a waste of $ and more important a year of my life!

  • Avatar
    March 27, 2009

    Suggested that my son’s heating and air company fit all service techs with head-set cameras and mic. Then record the entire diagnosis process so that customers would have proof that there really was a bad part needing replacement, and the test equipment showed it right there in the DVD copy.
    Heating and Air guys sometimes aren’t the early adopters of tech. Maybe I should talk to auto mechanics?


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