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Do you like content marketing?

And startups without really weird spellings?

And prisms?


On Thursday, I&;ll be doing a webinar with my friends at Chute where you will get a great look at how to effectively market content or content market or something like that. There was a rehearsal. I learned stuff. You might too. Or you can at least block out the time so no one books more meetings on your calendar. Win win!

Sign up for the webinar here.

Also, I did an interview with them. Seemed appropriate.&0160;

Read the full thing over on Chute&39;s blog, but here&39;s an excerpt:&0160;

Q:&0160;What do you think is the biggest opportunity and the biggest hurdle for brand marketers in 2015?

A:&0160;The biggest hurdle is that a lot of social activity is happening in places where it’s hard to monitor content and target consumers – especially messaging apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Line. Consumers in such channels don’t want a hard sell, and if there’s too much advertising, the barriers to switching chat apps is fairly low. Just consider Facebook’s own properties. When someone’s using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger today, they’re not exposed to any marketing messages. It will be very interesting to see how that changes this year.

Given that these messaging apps collectively have billions of users altogether, albeit with some amount of overlap, there is a tremendous opportunity for those apps to work with marketers and come up with ways for marketing to add value to the app experiences.

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