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I was heading to the subway to catch a train so I could arrive somewhere by 9:30am. Google said trains were coming in 2 and 6 minutes, but the digital screen by the 6 train said the trains were 15 and 17 minutes away. I either had to roll the dice with the trains, rush a couple avenues over to the N/R/Q/W line, or suck it up and Lyft it.

Instead of getting pissed at the MTA, I remembered some advice from the book I had just finished, “Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals” by Oliver Burkeman:

“When you turn your attention instead to the fact that you’re in a position to have an experience at all, matters are liable to look very different indeed.”

With that shift in perspective — that moment of acceptance that I’m on this Earth and will experience all kinds of pleasant and unpleasant things as part of that — it was no longer an ordeal. As a bonus, I hoofed it to the Q and still arrived early.

Burkeman’s subtitle is worded perfectly. You might not know this about me, but I’m a mortal. Sometimes I feel very good about my time management skills. Sometimes I feel very not good. And yet time seems to care little either way.

This was the book for me, and if you haven’t yet it, I suspect it’s the book (or a book) for you.

Instead of cruising through your 4,000-or-so weeks (a typical lifespan, for those of us fortunate enough) wondering if you’re managing every hour the right way, it’s a simultaneously pragmatic and beautiful book about making the most of our hours.

One small element of that is how to deal with digital distractions. Burkeman examines why we’re distracted in the first place:

“The most effective way to sap distraction of its power is just to stop expecting things to be otherwise—to accept that this unpleasantness is simply what it feels like for finite humans to commit ourselves to the kinds of demanding and valuable tasks that force us to confront our limited control over how our lives unfold.”

That’s great for choosing whether to open Threads or not (shout out to all you Threaders out there). But what about when you’re choosing something a little more important, like a job or whether to commit to a personal relationship? Burkeman writes:

“You usually know, intuitively, whether remaining in a relationship or job would present the kind of challenges that will help you grow as a person (enlargement) or the kind that will cause your soul to shrivel with every passing week (diminishment). Choose uncomfortable enlargement over comfortable diminishment whenever you can.”

It’s the kind of book that hits home on many levels. Maybe too many levels to cover in such a newsletter. But what a lot of the experiences have in common, professional and personal, is that for me at least, even when things haven’t worked out, if I chose uncomfortable enlargement, I tended to not regret the choices. It’s so powerful that the end result becomes less important than whether you’ve felt you’ve grown in the process.

It perhaps needn’t be said, but it must, that the enlargement can’t come at the expense of diminishing others. That’s Berkowitz’s corollary, not Burkeman’s.

Another gem is a quote Burkeman shares from the poet Mary Oliver: “Attention is the beginning of devotion.”

Burkeman adds, “You can’t truly love a partner or a child, dedicate yourself to a career or to a cause—or just savor the pleasure of a stroll in the park—except to the extent that you can hold your attention on the object of your devotion to begin with.”

When my daughter asks me for my phone, and I don’t know where it is, that’s usually when I feel like I’m doing something right as a parent.

Being a parent means that FOMO tends to hit on multiple levels: what you’re missing out for yourself, and the experiences you’re not giving your offspring. Burkeman has thoughts on FOMO too:

“The same goes for existential overwhelm: what’s required is the will to resist the urge to consume more and more experiences, since that strategy can only lead to the feeling of having even more experiences left to consume.”

So that’s why I’ve instinctively recoiled from those ‘1,000 places to see before you die’ lists. Even if you get to them, you still are wondering about the next thousand.

Similarly, living in a city like New York, I can get by even if I haven’t had all of the 50 best slices or 20 best bagels.

Bonus tip: I recently pre-ordered the dozen bagels from Popup Bagels, and once you try them, you never need to try another bagel again. Also, please invite me over if you order them and can’t finish your dozen. I ate eight of them in 24 hours.

Two days after picking up those bagels and meeting friends for a picnic in Washington Square Park, I looked for my AirPods, and it said they were last seen that day at the park. They were lost.

Thanks in part to ruminating on the book, I had no regrets getting those bagels and having my waistline experience such uncomfortable enlargement. It was all worth it, I should have been quicker to check my pockets, and I ordered a $30 AirPods replacement on Prime Day. They’ll probably be fine.

But I won’t need them. My housekeeper found the AirPods, presumably when doing the laundry. Spending any of my 4,000 weeks kicking myself would have been worthless on every level.

Spending a week or two reading this book is well worth it indeed though. Unless, of course, you’re not a mortal.



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