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Living with Ed on HGTV (Advertorial)

Full disclosure: I’m engaging in blogger relations for HGTV, so I have a vested interest in this post.

Additional full disclosure: I’m not the target audience for HGTV. But the show I’m marketing right now is also one I’m really curious to watch.

It’s called "Living with Ed," and it’s a reality show that’s essentially two storylines. Starring Ed Begley Jr., best known from "St. Elsewhere" but and also part of the troupe in the Christopher Guest movies (e.g., Best in Show, A Mighty Wind), the show  explores Ed’s off-beat environmentalism (he uses a bike to power his toaster) and also his relationship with his wife, who’s an aspiring actress and wouldn’t mind living more of the Hollywood lifestyle.

It airs Jan 1 at 1pm (EST, PST) and then Sunday nights at 10 through early February. Again, this is an advertorial, but it is also a show I’ll be watching, and I also welcome any viewers’ feedback on what they think of the show or even the clips on the site.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled blog programming.

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