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Media Sponsorship Policy

Inside the Marketers Studio participates as a media sponsor for certain events. Below is this blog’s policy for such arrangements. If you have any questions or concerns with this policy, contact David Berkowitz at marketersstudio {at] gmail [dot] com.

  1. Inside the Marketers Studio will only sponsor events that its publisher would attend personally. In most cases, he will attend the events, and if he doesn’t, it’s only due to other unavoidable commitments, travel difficulties, or personal matters. If the event is part of a recurring series, he will aim to have attended at least one before serving as a sponsor.
  2. Media sponsorship will not influence coverage of an event in any way. It’s likely that the coverage will be positive due reasons stated in the previous paragraph, but the event, its organizers, and its speakers will receive fair treatment on the blog.
  3. This blog will not post more than one post per week directly stemming from a media sponsorship. However, during the event itself, if the publisher attends, he may post event updates repeatedly.
  4. No money is exchanged for media sponsorship. This blog benefits from some form of exposure from the event partner. The publisher will also receive a pass to the event (and potentially additional guest passes for free or at a discount, depending on the arrangement); in such cases, there will be first-hand coverage on the blog.
  5. The publisher doesn’t guarantee you’ll love every event, but he listens to feedback and will use that to consider which events to sponsor.
  6. The media sponsorship is intended to provide benefits to this blog’s readers, including discounts to events and access at the event to cover it on the blog. If you find that the sponsorship does not add any value or detracts from the blog, please alert the publisher.

Thanks. What’s most important here is this blog’s audience’s perception of any such arrangement. Please voice your feedback candidly.

David Berkowitz

Policy last updated April 26, 2008

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