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Mega Multimedia at ServiceNation

When I first got to ServiceNation, I was given my press badge, a name tag, and then ushered in (well, I was) to an Usher press conference where he talked about his involvement for City Year.

I wasn’t expecting a celebrity press conference so I didn’t have a gameplan for capturing it. I kind of missed my pen and paper, but I had a few other tools: my phone (a Samsung i760 on Verizon), a Flip video camera, and my Canon S3 digital camera. I wound up taking some stills with the camera and also my camera phone, blogging via TypePad Mobile (see the Usher post here), sending a text alert to Twitter (@davidberkowitz) from my phone, posting on my Zannel channel from my phone (yes, that’s four ways of using mobile media), and then publishing with my Flip camera.

The YouTube video turned out a bit quiet, so I started to annotate it. This was really easy – maybe too easy. Check out the text a few seconds into it:

I also posted photos to Facebook and Flickr. The Flickr slideshow is below:

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