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Mel Gibson is the new Tom Cruise

It was hard to watch Tom Cruise in Mission:Impossible III after he went on his lunatic rants that somehow involved Scientology, Katie Holmes, Brooke Sheilds, and Oprah. I think he also married one of the four.

Mel Gibson is now an  entrant into the club of actors whose movies should go right to Netflix, since they don’t deserve the big screen ticket price.

My biggest beef with Mel isn’t so much the anti-Semitism. Let’s put aside what he allegedly said (which, if the reports on TMZ.com are true, would offend to women, Jews, and, oh, just about anyone with a pulse). Even more troubling is how he apologized. He released an apology through his publicist. This is a grown man and a supposed role model (growing up, Mel in Lethal Weapon was a runner up only to Harrison in Indiana Jones and Star Wars), and he can’t even apologize himself.

William Wallace would not be impressed.

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