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NY Magazine's Brilliant, Highbrow Game

Nymag_dogster_approval_matrixI’ve been waiting for this – New York Magazine, one of my favorite reads, added an interactive game version of its approval matrix. I don’t always agree with it – you can see an example to the left of them knocking Dogster down a peg (Dogster in Chief Ted Rheingold, I’m with you – Dogster should be all the way to the right).

Now, New York Mag has a daily game where you can plot 10 news and culture items on your own matrix, then see how you compare with everyone else. I’ve included screenshots of my own matrix first and then the group matrix; not surprisingly, my points are far more spread out (click any image for a larger view).

The game is potentially addictive. What would make it even more fun is if you could share your matrix and compare it to another user’s, rather than just comparing it to the masses.

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