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When my 9-year-old and I were bouncing around ideas for what to do over her spring break, she came up with a surprising request:

“I want to go on a train ride for more than 24 hours.”


We hadn’t done anything like that before. I checked the Amtrak maps. It didn’t take long to settle on our destination:

Fargo, North Dakota.

Yes, that Fargo.

The two biggest tourist attractions in Fargo are as follows:

The Visit Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center, where you can take pictures with the wood chipper from the movie.


Carol Widman’s Candy, home of North Dakota’s “chippers” — the chocolate-covered potato chips that are one of the most famous treats in the state.

It took about 20 hours to get from New York to Chicago. We were dutiful tourists, enjoying everything from Garrett popcorn to Giordano’s deep-dish pizza. Another 15 hours later, we arrived in Fargo at 4:30am in the freezing cold.

Thirty-six hours and several burgers later, we drove through Minnesota, visiting the famous Runestone Museum in Alexandria, MN, which supposedly has proof that the Vikings arrived in the Midwest before Colombus discovered the East Coast. Wikipedia, jerks that the editors are, seems to imply it’s all a fabrication, but I’d like to believe that there were real Minnesota Vikings just like how there were real New York giants (who happened to spend all their time traveling up and down beanstalks in New Jersey).

We drove our rented pickup truck onward to Minneapolis, where I’m both proud and mortified to say I experienced my first Rainforest Cafe in the nation’s largest mall, and we only discovered one hair in her ice cream sandwich. That has to be a record low, right?

So what, dear reader, could you possibly take away from this trip? Here are a few thoughts:

Go slow: It took, conservatively, 400% longer to get to North Dakota by train than it would have by flight. Beyond the perk of giving my daughter a small (but filling) taste of Chicago between trains, we got to truly enjoy the journey, and it became an integral part of our trip. The cliché of it being about the journey rather than the destination never felt more literal. While the second train was rather claustrophobic, it only added to the memorable adventure, and we’ll remember this trip way more than practically any of our flights — beyond the one where she threw up on me as a toddler.

But not that slow. During our steak dinner in the dining car of the Chicago-Fargo train, we overheard a passenger at the table across the aisle say how he loved trains so much. He described taking a train from Chicago to San Francisco over three days, staying over a night, and then taking a train back home.

It made me wonder if he was living the Paul Simon song Slip Slidin’ Away:

“And I know a father / Who had a son. / He longed to tell him all the reasons / For the things he’d done. / He came a long way / Just to explain. / He kissed his boy as he lay sleeping / Then he turned around and headed home again.”

That song gets to me. Every. Single. Time.

Always be selling: At the famous Hi-Ho Burgers & Brews joint in Fargo, I asked which burger was the best, and the server said whatever I liked would be the best choice (narrator: it wasn’t). An Uber driver on the way to Carol Widman’s, when asked about other recommendations for kids, said there was nothing else to do. Really. Nothing else, in a city of more than 125,000 souls, than eating chocolate-covered potato chips (that’s my kind of town). So much for trying to market what you have to offer. The visitors center needs to push the city’s charms harder to the locals.

Question everything. One driver in Minnesota who picked us up from the mall of America was named El Hadji Malick, which supposedly meant that Malick had gone on the Hajj to Mecca. I asked him if he’d been to Mecca, and he said no; his father added that when creating his Lyft profile. Malick was impressed with my pronunciation of his name though, and it led to my favorite exchange with a driver on the trip as I butchered basic words in both French and Arabic, much to my daughter’s fascination. Don’t take anything for granted. Any little detail that’s out of the ordinary can be a conversation starter.

Talk to everyone. A skill I had fun refreshing on this trip where we saw no one else we knew was striking up a conversation with anyone and everyone. Carole, our first train attendant, made that easy, as she was a natural gabber. We dined with a woman on the next train who seemed determined not to pay any attention to us nor her son as her head was glued to her phone, yet I managed to coax her into a conversation. By the end of the trip, I caught my daughter being more open to talking to people out of the blue. This past week since we returned, innocent people have kept getting shot by their neighbors, and I keep thinking about how we need to revisit the art of talking to strangers rather than shooting them.

Inspirational quotes work. We kept returning to the Mall of America during the short stay, despite my initial aversion to it, because my daughter was obsessed with tackling the walls at ClimbZone — an activity entirely new to her (and me). On the third day, she made it to the top of a 28-foot wall. She told me that when she got stuck near the top, she started telling herself inspirational quotes. Mind you, she’s nine. I never appreciated just how much those quotes can work. Find your mantra and live it.

An aside: I just checked with my daughter to ask which inspirational quotes she said. She said she couldn’t remember because she was sweaty and her arms and legs hurt so much, but she remembered talking to a picture of a bird near the top (a kiwi, specifically), telling the bird how cute it was. Defaulting to kindness in the face of adversity is a trait we’d all do well to master.

Know your place. Returning to the so often when we were only staying in Minneapolis for three nights may seem like overkill, but we were there as tourists to enjoy a week off, and my daughter was eager to master those walls. She got her Dippin’ Dots at Target Field where we watched the Twins play. She repeatedly spent 51 cents in those penny crank machines. Practically everywhere we ate had a kid’s menu (including some of the trendier restaurants in Minneapolis). This was a week to enjoy being tourists, not locals. We knew who we were, and we were damn proud of it.

And now we’re back. But this is one of those trips that’ll stick with me for the long haul.

Go far. Go slow. Go together.

Just go.

And enjoy the ride.



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