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On Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s one of those cities that doesn’t have much of a reputation as a tourist destination, and it’s one of the most underrated places to visit, at least in the summer. With their art museum, Lake Michigan waterfront, river walk, music festivals, farmers markets, brewery tours, and other attractions, it’s a fine city, even if it tries a little too hard to be like Chicago, which sometimes tries a little hard to be like New York. Judging Milwaukee in its own right though, it’s a perfect long weekend summer getaway.

I bring this up after reviewing OnMilwaukee.com, which just announced a renewed push to feature reader blogs and make its community more involved with its content. I’ll let the press release tell the story:

Readers can now post blogs about all topics Milwaukee.
Registering is free and just takes a few clicks. Readers can upload a bio, photo
and more. Once they create their Member ID, they can rate each other’s content
as well. 
OnMilwaukee.com hardly invented the concept of blogging.
But it is now putting community content alongside its own, on its homepage, in
its search engines and basically, everywhere.
“We won’t post any or every blog — quality is key here —
but if you have something good to say, your blog will be readily accessible to
the more than 35,000 Milwaukeeans who read OnMilwaukee.com every day,” said
OnMilwaukee.com publisher and co-founder, Andy Tarnoff.

Like the city itself, OnMilwaukee may not be the first spot to visit when you’re thinking of perusing news sites, but it’s a perfect place to spend a bit of time when you want to see some great examples of incorporating social media.

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    December 10, 2006

    Kudos to Jeff Sherman and company who have done a great job of making OnMilwaukee.com into a world-class city guide. They are a perfect example of how a niche site can differentiate itself with deeper, more specific, and more helpful information.
    But…Milwaukee trying too hard to be like Chicago? What? Milwaukee is a great city on its own. Forget Chicago! I will admit, being from Milwaukee I am a bit biased…and hence have gotten to know all of its atmospheric bars and restaurants.


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