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Pessimistic Plea, Optimistic Offer

I have two themes this week instead of one, given how much I want to get in before taking a break for the holidays in a few weeks.

First comes something a little darker; you can skip ahead to the feel-good part just a bit further down if you like.

Pessimistic Plea

A friend of mine jokingly asked on Facebook who’s going to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, as it normally attracts more than 150,000 people in Vegas in January, including too many ad execs.

I responded, “Ad industry execs count as first responders and essential workers, right? We’ll all have the vaccine by then.”

It’s funny because it’s untrue.

Beyond many people in the ad industry who should be a priority for a vaccine based on other criteria such as age or a health condition, I started thinking about who’d qualify less than a marketer or ad industry professional.

I can’t say it was the most uplifting thought. Who is less essential?

This year, one can argue marketers are more essential than ever. Countries that marketed policies of social distancing and mask-wearing have been able to return to varying levels of normalcy even without a vaccine available. 

Our country seems to include more people than ever who will only be persuaded by the idea that riles them up the most. It’s like we used to have all these folks who preferred Coke but would sometimes reach for a Pepsi, and now they’ll only believe the most outlandish claim that fits their worldview, like that Coke causes polio (Narrator: “It doesn’t”).

What I’d love for us to think about is how marketers can become more essential in the year ahead. How can we all, in our own way, be forces for good and make choices that add to greater respect for our profession? Behind every great idea — the world is round, the Golden Rule, Fruity Pebbles — there are great marketers.

I still would put any doctor or teacher or cop or sanitation worker above any healthy, low-risk member of my Slack group, but marketers are essential in our own way. Our lives may not be on the line, but the lives of the people our clients are trying to reach may be.

Optimistic Offer

How can I be helpful to you?

I saw someone diagram this information in a Google Slide that was shared on Twitter. I misplaced the post but loved the idea. Let me know if you saw something like this so I can give proper credit.

As a connector by both trade and hobby, I get more requests than others from people asking for assistance of some sort. I loved the idea of creating an FAQ, especially since I’ve already created resources that many people don’t know about. 

This led to my new spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/howdavidcanhelp . 

It’s even color-coded. You’re welcome to share it with others.

I’m sure I’ll add more to it, but it’s a start. If there are other ways I might be helpful that aren’t listed here, I’d love your ideas. 

Of course, as a reader, you’re up to speed with much of this already. Thank you for reading this. 


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