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Plaxo Pulse Feedback

I sent the message below to Plaxo Pulse‘s customer service team, and I’m sharing it here in case others have any similar experiences that you want to share. Plaxo, Pulse or no Pulse, is for me more of a utility rather than a destination or channel. I’m really glad it’s there and I’ve paid for Plaxo’s premium services, but I don’t need to get bombarded by daily messages, and I don’t need to go there every day. (For me, Friendfeed is the same way right now). In light of that, here’s some feedback.

Message to Plaxo

I have four bits of Feedback for Pulse:

1) It’s very hard to leave a group. When I clicked a group I’m a part of from my Pulse homepage, it led to a page with some communication from group members, but only after awhile of clicking around did I realize where the group’s homepage was where I could leave it. This usability issue should be examined.

2) While there are lots of communication options, I couldn’t control how groups communicate with me in general or how a specific group communicates with me. I had to leave a group instead of constantly getting messages related to it.

3) The weekly updates from people I know bit is now totally useless. If you have a number of contacts who blog or Twitter, then there’s no point. I unsubscribed, but I still wouldn’t mind an update solely about their job changes. Allowing that granular customization would be a big improvement.

4) I no longer get the emails when people add me as a connection. That’s fine because I get too much email anyway. But something might not be working on your end, as I confirmed I am opted in to receive those updates.



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