Are you pursuing a career in marketing or media? Here are a few places to start and a few links about my industry:

Get Educated

Wall St Journal’s CMO Today: Even without a subscription to the Journal, you can find a lot of the most important marketing stories covered in its blog.

Advertising Age and Adweek: You’ll get a useful primer of what’s happening in the ad industry and what are some of the most noteworthy campaigns debuting.

Digiday: You’ll have some industry news, and also some thought-provoking reads on industry topics that other trades tend not to cover.

TechCrunch: This will keep you informed of most major tech stories on a given day.

GlobalWebIndex: Subscribe to their chart of the day from their homepage or read their blog.

eMarketer: They post great stats and interviews on advertising, technology, and media.

Mobile Marketer: A useful resource for mobile marketing

L2: Their newsletters are second to none. And while I’m not a big fan of video recaps, Scott Galloway’s weekly Winners & Losers is one of the best industry primers. For a mix of professional and personal insights, read his weekly musings too. Or just subscirbe to the whole shabang.

Useful Links and Apps

SlideShare: While I use it for sharing presentations (see mine here), it’s also incredibly useful when you want to learn more about practically any subject

TripIt: As you go on job interviews and want to keep track of your travel plans, this is the best way to do it; just email your airline, hotel, and rental confirmation messages to and it will build your itinerary for you and keep it in one place. The free service is all most people need.

Duolingo: Want to further your skills in a new language for personal or professional reasons? This free language learning app is also one of the best. And 5 minutes a day here beats time spent on Candy Crush. I’ve also become a fan of Lingvist.

Pocket: This is my favorite tool for saving articles to read later.

Pinboard: For keeping track of links indefinitely, rather than articles to read soon, Pinboard is my favorite bookmarking service.

Associations / Organizations / Events

Advertising Club of New York: They offer a number of events and other resources for career growth and networking

212 NYC: Focused on interactive advertising, they have regular events and good opportunities for younger and new ad professionals

Advertising Women of NY: Women at various career stages will appreciate the kinds of people you can network with and learn from here (they have male mentors and speakers as well)

Social Media Week: I’ve been a big fan of this global series of events since its start, and it keeps tackling bigger issues and attracting better speakers.


I tend not to read marketing books if I can help it. Send any great recommendations my way though. Meanwhile, here are some authors to check out for broader topics around business and behavior:

Dan Ariely: He’s the most rational author to write about irrationality

Sherry Turkle: Alone Together was a landmark book on what our digital devices are doing to relationships, and Reclaiming Conversation is about what to do to take back control.

Steven Johnson: Start with Where Good Ideas Come From or The Ghost Map and you’ll get a newfound appreciation for the history of scientific breakthroughs

David Rock: Your Brain at Work will make you appreciate your brain in some immediately applicable ways.

Dan Pink: He’s one of those authors who writes so well that you should even (or especially) read books of his you don’t even think you’ll like, and you’ll probably love it anyway.

Douglas Rushkoff: Whether he’s writing about cults or comic books, you will almost definitively see media, marketing, or technology in new ways after reading pretty much anything he’s written

Tim Sanders: He’s best known for Love is the Killer App, one of the more influential business books I’ve read; I interviewed him about it for eMarketer soon after it came out, and we’ve remained friends since. Any of his books will have the potential to inspire you to get more out of your career though.

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