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Search Informed Marketing – 360i Summit

360i President Bryan Wiener and SVP/Managing Director John Ragals tag-teamed to introduce Search Informed Marketing. 360i sums this up in a Flash demo on its homepage. I also covered it in a column several months back, “2011: The Dawn of Search Informed Marketing.” Writing from five years in the future, I offered this take:

The more significant change is that marketers have recognized that insights gleaned from search engine marketing campaigns and consumer search behavior drive creative and media planning decisions, both with interactive and traditional media. This is called Search-Informed Marketing (SIM) (a disclaimer: my employer coined this term back in 2006; Wikipedia added the term in July 2008). SIM spending levels are estimated to come in at anywhere from $29 billion (JupiterKagan) to $72.3 billion (Borrell Associates) for 2011. While search marketing was influencing campaigns in other media and channels for years, it was only toward the end of last decade when the phenomenon became so pronounced that traditional advertisers embraced it.

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