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Search Insider: Search Marketing in 2011

Search_insider_masthead_2_5There’s been a ton I’ve wanted to post lately, but I was off in Dallas and Fort Worth for a few days where I toured a good friend’s hometown and soaked in the scenery. Dallas was great fun (even ate an unreal meal at Nobu Dallas – thanks, Dr. and Mrs. A.), but Fort Worth had some memorable moments of its own, such as visiting the National Cowgirl Museum (don’t you confuse it with the local cowgirl museums – this one’s for the whole country) and a real live gun show (I’m from the bluest city there is, so I felt about as at home there as a camel in the North Pole).

All of this has nothing to do with my latest column, "2011: The Dawn of Search-Informed Marketing." While this is one of the headier things I’ve written lately, I can’t resist excerpting one item with a newly coined term. Check "thoughtvertising" in Google or Yahoo!, and you won’t find anything… yet. You read it here first:

Lastly, there’s Google’s thoughtvertising–advertising targeted to consumer’s thought patterns, that enters directly into one’s brain; consumers accept these ads in exchange for Google archiving their memories and dreams and making them accessible. This counts as neither search marketing nor Search-Informed Marketing. It does, however, count as controversial, especially as the White House subpoenas Google for access to suspected terrorists’ gThought histories.

It doesn’t make all that much sense without the context, so find out where this whole thoughtvertising idea is coming from at MediaPost.

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