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Search Insider: Newsitis

This is one of the wackier columns I’ve penned in awhile, and it felt good to write. It starts off with a quote from Cara, who’s been quoted on this blog before and inspired her share of articles, branches off into documenting a faux disease NEWSITIS, and then it manages to offer some lessons for search marketing agencies. I’m not entirely sure if it all worked, but readers commented generously. A colleague best summed it up saying, "It was cute. Not cute in that trivial kind of way, but in the other way." I think I know what she meant, so, thanks. Meanwhile, I’ll let you decide for yourself.

From the column:

An exchange last week with my significant other summed up a lot of what I’m hearing right now about the fast and furious developments in the interactive industry.

"I’m so over MySpace," said Cara.

I asked in return,

"If you’re so over MySpace, what are you into?"

"I don’t know," she said. "It’s just easier being over something."

Can you tell why I’m crazy about her? She then fell asleep, and I scrounged for a pen and paper. What Cara experienced is one symptom of a pervasive syndrome that is on the verge of becoming a pandemic.

The syndrome isn’t yet well documented in medical journals. It was once noted in an Austrian paper as Schmidt, Semel und Gates Krankheit, but it was never submitted, as the author later confessed he was "so over" his own research. For this American publication, we can refer to the disorder as New Economy Warp Speed Is Too Intense Syndrome, or NEWSITIS.

Read the rest at MediaPost.

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