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See you at Ad Age Digital or CoInvent Summit?

Happy event season.

I&;ve got a couple fun things that I&39;m moderating this month. If you&39;re going to either of these, drop me a note.


First, this week is Ad Age&39;s Digital conference with a who&39;s who of brand CMOs, agency CEOs, and other leaders. Here&39;s my session, Tuesday at 2:&;

The Story Makers

For too long, marketers have been focusing on how they communicate on digital platforms through the wrong lens—thestoryteller’s&0160;lens. As a result, today’s marketers run the risk of&0160;talking at&0160;people instead of&0160;with&0160;them.&0160; But some leading brands are shifting away from traditional storytelling models to more of a&0160;story-making approach. In a recent&0160;Ad Age&0160;column, MRY’s David Berkowitz explains that story making is “where the brand facilitates and taps into the stories people are creating and sharing with each other.” We’ll take an inside look at some of the best story-making campaigns from the leaders behind them.

Chris Curtin

‎Chief Brand and Innovation Marketing Officer, Visa

Eric Hirschhorn

CMO, Burger King

Ashley Kaplan

Head of Content, Fullscreen

Ann Lewnes

CMO, Adobe

Moderator: David Berkowitz



Then I&39;ll be joining a really exciting and innovative group (including my former colleague and coconspirator Christine Peterson) at CoIvnent&39;s NYC Media Summit on April 22. Here&39;s my session, and check out the others.&0160;

Drafting The Best Content Strategy In A Digital Age

Let me know if you&39;ll be going to these or even if you have questions that you think I should ask these incredible speakers.

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