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See you at any of these May events?


Event season is heating up, and I&;ll be speaking at five of them in mid-May… on five different topics. If you happen to be at all five, then it shouldn&39;t get too repetitive. Let me know if your plans overlap with mine.&;

May 12: I&39;ll be speaking at a private company event in Austin, TX. It&39;ll be a quick visit, but if you&39;re based there, I may have some time to meet that Monday, May 11.

May 13: Back in NYC, I&39;ll be joining NewCo, the second time MRY is hosting it. I&39;ll be talking about the End of Storytelling – a familiar topic to this blog&39;s readers. The NewCo site says the session is almost full, so reserve soon.&0160;

May 14: Because I&39;m spending too much time in the office that week, I&39;m going up to the motherland of Westchester for the second annual Westchester Digital Summit. I spoke there last year, taking a seat (cautiously) next to Chris "Catch a Predator" Hansen&0160;(see the photo above). He did not catch me. This year, I get to join a ridiculously esteemed group – entrepreneur and anchor Joya Dass, Pinterest&39;s Eva Papoutsakis Smith, Google Thinking&39;s Frank Golding, and Facebook&39;s Lauren Griewski. We&39;ll be talking about the power of visual content. A bonus for you: use discount code MRY to save $100 on the conference.&0160;

Maybe the reason I get to join this session is that I once wrote a Manifesto for the Visual Revolution, embedded below (hat tip to Chute, whose conference inspired that).&0160;

But wait, there&39;s more!

May 18: I get to join the embarrassment of riches in terms of the speakers at Internet Week New York. Yeah, it&39;s Chelsea Clinton, Al Roker, William Bratton, and… well, I&39;ll be there. Not at exactly the same time. But I do hope to see them. I&39;ll be moderating a session on&0160;Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Spirit, hosted by Mondelez, with more details to come soon.&0160;

May 20:&0160;To cap off this marathon, I&39;ll be one of the oracles at the&0160;Oracle Data Cloud Summit, as part of a panel discussion on Knowing More: What Consumers Say. Stay tuned for more details on the topic, but I get to share the stage with Altimeter&39;s Susan Etlinger, SHIFT&39;s James Borrow, and IRI&39;s Ash Patel.&0160;&0160;


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