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See you at iMedia's Agency Summit?


I&;m here at iMedia&39;s Agency Summit in Lost Pines, TX on a panel (details below) about the nature of the agency and client relationships. It&39;s only slightly ironic, as this is the first time in more than ten years that I&39;m not actually with an agency, and it&39;s probably the only time (anytime soon) I will use "former" as my official title (more on that soon).

If you happen to be out here in Texas, let me know. If not and you want to catch up, let me know as well. I&39;m even testing out Calendly, so you can be one of the guinea pigs in using that to schedule something with me. Panel details:

Keynote: CMO Power Panel: The Modern Agency

This powerhouse panel led by John Durham, CEO/Managing Partner, Catalyst SF, will run the gamut of pressing industry topics: What is an agency? Has the idea of a digital agency finally died and, if so, what has replaced it? How is the client relationship evolving and how does that affect all agency departments – from creative to tech? In addition to these questions, the panelists will explore the evolving competition among agencies, the talent that’s most in demand, and the role of the smaller agency within the larger advertising model.&;

David Berkowitz, Former Chief Marketing Officer, MRY
Dave Knox, Chief Marketing Officer, Rockfish Interactive
Shade Vaughn, Chief Marketing Officer, SapientNitro
Alicia Hatch, Chief Marketing Officer, Deloitte
Moderated By: John Durham, CEO / Managing Partner, Catalyst S+F

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