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SES Dreamin’ on Such a Winter’s Day

Search_insider_masthead_2_2You know you need to clear your head once you start having trade show dreams. This column already inspired a few responses. One wrote, "You should have added a dream of showing up to SES in your underwear and you can’t find your locker – apparently one of the top dreams people have." Another said, "I wish there wasn’t a 20-minute wait to use the ladies’ restroom at the next SES conference."

What’s this about? Check out the latest from today’s column:

After the first night of Search Engine Strategies in New York last week, I had a dream that a friend thought she was pregnant and I tried to find her doctor’s number using search engines; even after constantly revising my query, I came up empty. The next day at Search Engine Strategies, I was in a conversation with David Vise, author of The Google Story, and he mentioned how searching for healthcare information presents a major untapped opportunity for search engines and technology companies… Riding high on my dreamtime prophecies, I’ll share some other dreams I’ve had based on conversations and experiences at SES.

I dream that click fraud will one day merit the press attention it deserves. Click fraud’s about as big a threat to search engine marketing as a whole as computer viruses are to Internet usage. Protecting marketers from click fraud is similarly as important as protecting computer users from viruses…

I dream that there will be new badges for people only there to pick up schwag. They will be tagged as "Schwag Baggers," and they’ll be allowed to collect all the schwag they can in 15 minutes or less, and then step aside so that those of us there for meaningful conversations can freely take part in such.

See the rest of the dreams at MediaPost and share yours in the comments.

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