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Shiver Me Twitters

The new communication craze that has the blog world abuzz is Twitter, and I’m on there as dberkowitz. I’m frustrated that adding friends you know on there isn’t as easy as it could be; it’s easiest to go to my profile and add me directly.

If you’re not already using it, it’s a hybrid of blogging and instant messaging. You post something for all your friends to read, but more as a mass IM than a formal blog post. My main problem right now I’m facing at work is information overload, and this in many ways only adds to the problem, even if it brings me more quality info. I had a discussion about this with some coworkers and mentioned I can’t turn off IM because I get great leads that way (along with the standard benefit of keeping in touch with people), but I do often get overwhelmed by it. There’s no perfect solution; fortunately the calendar and number of hours per week are finite – though the hours of sleep are variable.

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