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Strike!: The Epilogue

Dsc05385_1In my MediaPost column this week, I ruminate on the strike (it was written while the strike unfolded; mercifully, it’s now old news):

It’s important to note the nature of this recent catastrophe versus others, such as Hurricane Katrina, the 9/11 attacks, and the tsunami and earthquake in Asia. With the transit strike, there was no relief effort, no one died, and most people affected by the strike live within a 60-mile radius of a single city. Granted, the city is an international hub for tourism and finance, so the wide interest is warranted, but this was hardly a life-or-death situation for the victims.

On that note, let’s explore how this crisis unfolded in the search engines.

During the strike, advertisers across all search engines tended to fit into two categories: media properties covering the strike, and companies offering remote working solutions. As someone sitting in the middle of this stricken city, for me the ads were fairly relevant. I worked from home, only leaving to take photographs of the carpool checkpoints and stock up on groceries (veggie burgers, comfort food, and as much beer as I could carry).

More at MediaPost.

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