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Studio 60 and the Future of Video

Last night, I watched one of the most hyped TV premiers of the fall season, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The show hasn’t aired yet, but the pilot episode is available online at AOL TV.

If you liked West Wing, the movie Network, this is a lock for you. If you like great TV, then this should also be up your alley.

It’s funny, taking part in the future of video marketing, of buzz, of television. I couldn’t wait to blog about this show. I can’t even remember when it airs (I checked – Mon, 10pm EST).

What I do remember is that this is Amanda Peet in one of her good roles, like Igby Down Under. It’s Matthew Perry in a credible character for him, one that fits him better than his West Wing stint and that shows far more depth than he’s offered in anything else. It’s Bradley Whitford playing Bradley Whitford, but that’s okay, because that’s what he’s good at. It’s also all about the TV biz, so it’s destined to sweep next year’s Emmys, but then again, that didn’t help Arrested Development.

Anyway, watch the show. It shows promise to be as good as the West Wing when the Wing was good, but without any guilty political hangups. The show’s so good, it even shows the emotional depth of  people in show business. Now THAT’s TV magic.

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