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Surprising Consumer Relations via a Zanzibari Sugar Packet

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When I was in Zanzibar in February, I noticed that a packet of sugar had an email address on it. The sugar was from Zanzibar Tea Packers and also had a postal address and phone number. At the time, I wondered what the purpose was, and what would happen if one emailed them. As I was going through my miscellany that I collected during the trip, I decided to find out and was pleasantly surprised to receive a response.

On Saturday, May 14, I wrote them:

Dear Zanzibar Tea Packers,

I was in Zanzibar and had your sugar. It was delicious.



Here&;s the note I just received back this morning (Wednesday, May 18).&;

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your compliments.

Hope you enjoyed your stay in Zanzibar.

Feel free to pay us a visit next time you are in Zanzibar, so you can see our full range of products.

Thanks and regards,


Very sweet.

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    May 18, 2011

    This reminds me of an India based spice company I buy from via the internet. The emails I get are so sweet and personal. The spices are sources directly from the farmers and are excellent. They arrive wrapped in plastic bags inside cardboard Indian biscuit boxes. My favourite company in the world. Makes a change from the anonymous and useless customer service you encounter in so many first world countries!


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