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Swag Watch at iMedia Breakthrough

One of the most anticipated moments of iMedia Breakthrough is returning to your room and finding out what swag you get (if you’re on the buy side). Well, I’m buying, so I’m swagging. Let’s look what’s here:
The first thing I see is a cupcake box. That’s the first thing I open. I hope they’re not stale – they’re not (though after all the buffet food at dinner, I can’t eat all four and not sure how long they’ll last). They’re from Collective Media. I tweeted about this. Adam Broitman didn’t think it was such a good idea though.
Here’s a group photo of some of the more standard swag. Okay, Nokia, I haven’t actually gotten these laptop cases before, but it doesn’t fit my laptop, so we’re even. Admob wins with the best branding for its t-shirt. AudienceSource has a notebook, as does Pontiflex. Tremor Media has the USB I think, but it’s so tiny it doesn’t photograph well. Not your fault. I promise I won’t leave it in my hotel room.
Here’s some miscellaneious stuff. Pick-up sticks. Ugliest iPhone case ever (sorry, Greystripe… I am leaving that in my hotel room). I was so tired when I took the pictures I left a plastic bag obscuring some other stuff. The vodka is from Expedia Media (it rhymes!) and it also has a box of lemonade because there’s some cocktail it’s trying to name – the Big Yellow Airplane or something. I’m writing this from the conference while Shelly Palmer is speaking (I’ve heard him a few times before, it’s okay) so I don’t have the cocktail on me. Maybe I should.
PointRoll has a survival kit. Yay, I will sruvive iMedia. But I’m never wearing that eye mask. Sorry. I’ll just use Expedia’s vodka instead.
There were also random papers, contest entries, and other stuff. Babelgum gave a gift card. I don’t know for how much but I hope it’s for a lot. Then this morning I also got a $10 iTunes gift card from Meebo (not in picture). And I got a second one because I sat next to a Meebo guy and he couldn’t take his own swag. That’s very nice of him. For $20, Meebo gets a somewhat paid placement here.


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Comments to: Swag Watch at iMedia Breakthrough
  • Avatar
    March 23, 2009

    the card is for 20 bucks!
    That should get me added to the list of the best blogs ever, dammit!

  • Avatar
    March 23, 2009

    You beat me to the punch with my addenda and corrections.
    Another correction: even with my spare battery hooked on, the Nokia laptop
    sleeve fits fine. And I’m not just saying that because I hung out with some
    Nokia’ers tonight. But I do apologize for falsely maligning the flexibility
    of their laptop sleeve. I have my credibility at stake, you know.
    Swag update on the other stuff coming tomorrow.


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