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  It might have been a couple of thousand years since you last visited the Olympus Ad Agency. Let’s take a tour. Hephaestus runs the IT department. He doesn’t spend a lot of time up on Olympus. He likes that he doesn’t have to see the staff as much with everyone all remote. It suits […]
  1. Advertising
  2. Columns
originally published in Advertising Age The crises hitting the ad industry keep multiplying. Ad-blocking stories have topped the trades and mainstream press for weeks. Talent shortages abound, though the great work produced by top talent is rarely properly rewarded. Twenty years after the first banner ad debuted, we still can't agree on what an impression […]
  1. Columns
  2. Social Media
Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider   Five Reminders about Social Media Marketing View more documents from David Berkowitz. When Facebook announced its new messaging service yesterday, you had to listen closely if you wanted to hear what social network founder Mark Zuckerberg said about brands. He mentioned that 350 million of Facebook&39;s 500 […]
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