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Happiest of New Years to you! 2023 already has some fireworks. If you’ve seen my latest post on LinkedIn, you might have seen some changes brewing, so I’ll take this week to share some personal updates. The big news is that I’m transitioning out of my role at Mediaocean, where I’d been spearheading corporate marketing and […]
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  What is the next generation of marketing leaders curious about? Instead of asking them, they asked me. But I have some questions for them in return. Last week, I joined my alma mater Binghamton University for their Networking Night where students pull up a virtual seat at the virtual tables of real, live alumni […]
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Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), there’s an event called Showstoppers where dozens – maybe about a hundred? – technology companies show off their latest wares to the press, and the press drinks so heavily that they wind up giving everything great reviews. Unfortunately for the companies exhibiting, I was too busy gorging […]
  1. Conferences and Events
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  3. Technology
Image via Wikipedia I've been holding back on one more Ford post, as I wanted to get something up on Advertising Age&39;s DigitalNext blog where I&39;ve joined as a regular contributor. There, you can find excerpts of my interview with Ford President of the Americas Mark Fields; it&39;s a more bite-sized highlight reel and you […]
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