Who’s the Mobile Champ Now?

Well, I have no idea. But Google has a new series about it: What is top of mind for mobile evangelists in the agency community? How are agencies helping their clients win with mobile? We caught up with mobile leaders from the agency world and asked what excites them — and challenges them — about […]

Are Mobile and Social Best Practices the Same?

Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider It's getting clearer by the day that mobile marketers can learn a lot from social marketers. This never struck me as much as it did last week while watching OMMA Mobile's keynote speaker, Andy Graham, who leads mobile strategy at Adidas. On occasion I worry that I embody […]

All Mobile is Social

Is all mobile social? Five years ago, penning a MediaPost piece that feels like it was written far more recently, I asked, “Is all mobile local?” That question would have been a more fitting title for the column rather than the wonkier one I used, “The Mobile-Local Redundancy,” which sounds like a rejected name for […]

2008: A Year for Mobile Marketing

Advertising Age has a hype-busting story today, "Why ’08 Isn’t Mobile’s Year — Again." Alice Cuneo does a great job exploring five of the major issues for mobile marketing right now, including: Limited reach (relative to the web) Measurement hurdles Complexity of running campaigns, especially ensuring they work on all platforms and devices Mobile marketing […]

Looking Back on the Future of Mobile

Here’s today’s column, originally published in MediaPost and continuing in the extended entry. If you’re doing anything interesting with mobile marketing or the mobile web, I’d love to hear from you – post a comment or write me at marketersstudio [at] gmail [dot] com. Looking Back on the Future of Mobile Everyone’s had visions for […]