Googley Lessons from Author Aaron Goldman

I knew Aaron Goldman when he was just some search-loving punk in short pants who'd crash the Search Insider Summits. Look at him now, a published author, free agent, and blog tourer. To celebrate the debut his new book, Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Google, he invited me to join his blog tour where […]

Discovering Hot Spots From YouTube Insights

Image by via CrunchBase The most valuable benefit of marketing videos on YouTube may not be the views but what you learn about the viewers. Last week, we talked about YouTube's Sponsored Video ad platform and how it's a complement to, but not replacement for, traditional search engine marketing. If you do find value in […]

Five Paths to Mobile Search

Here’s today’s Search Insider column. What started out as a possible column on Thumbplay evolved into a story on the four paths to mobile search, which then became five when I remembered applications. Let me know if there should really be six or more, though I discuss some other models at the end. Five Paths […]

Looking Back on the Future of Mobile

Here’s today’s column, originally published in MediaPost and continuing in the extended entry. If you’re doing anything interesting with mobile marketing or the mobile web, I’d love to hear from you – post a comment or write me at marketersstudio [at] gmail [dot] com. Looking Back on the Future of Mobile Everyone’s had visions for […]

What Facebook Learned from Search

Is Facebook really trying to steal Google’s fire? Should we just call it Faceboogle? Maybe not. See the full post in the extended entry; it was originally published in MediaPost. What Facebook Learned from Search Imagine if Picasso painted a search engine results page from Google. It would probably wind up looking like Facebook, which […]

Striking and Searching

Today’s column was originally published in MediaPost and continues in the extended entry. THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA launched its long-awaited strike. How will this event affect marketers, search engines, and consumers’ online media behavior? SEMCO, the union for search engine marketing columnists, hasn’t quite caught on, so I’m remaining on the job to answer […]