Search Marketing by the Book

I neglected to post last week’s MediaPost column as it went up, but here it is at last. Tomorrow’s will hopefully go up in a more timely manner. Search Marketing by the Book When planning search engine optimization strategies, what if you tried to promote your site like you’re promoting a book? It’s a timely […]

How SEO Can Stop a Scammer

This column ran a bit ago in MediaPost while I was away and continues in the extended entry. It’s also interesting to see how others adapt stories for their own audiences; Carolyn Allen of California Green Solutions shared this with her readers as an example of how to be a good neighbor. How SEO Can […]

Spock: The People Search Wiki

This column appeared last week in MediaPost. THE MOST COMMON REACTION I hear when I invite a friend to Spock is, "Not another!" That’s understandable; 2007 was the year that accepting online invites went from exciting to burdensome. Yet Spock brings new approaches to search engine optimization that I anticipate will become a model for […]

What Facebook Learned from Search

Is Facebook really trying to steal Google’s fire? Should we just call it Faceboogle? Maybe not. See the full post in the extended entry; it was originally published in MediaPost. What Facebook Learned from Search Imagine if Picasso painted a search engine results page from Google. It would probably wind up looking like Facebook, which […]