What I Learned on My Summer Spin Vacation

This week’s MediaPost column is a return to the Search Insider series. The longest vacation I’ve taken was my summer trip contributing to MediaPost’s Online Spin. Over the past three months, I explored the jungles of the elusive SearchMonkey, went shopping for precious Chrome, and tried to avoid coming down with a nasty case of […]

Seven Buzz Monitoring Sites to Watch

Here’s today’s column, originally at MediaPost. I’ll admit that this was an evergreen, one where I’ve been keeping tabs on these sites for awhile and wrote it up when I wasn’t sure what else to cover this week. Fortunately it’s also one of the more useful columns in terms of sharing tools marketers and others […]

Searching for Tweets

After I finished the first draft of this column last night, I returned to a post from Jeremiah Owyang on how he uses Twitter and noticed my four examples mirrored his first four of seven. It’s understandable, as there are only so many reliable Twitter tools out there, and most avid tweeters have come to […]

Googlewiki vs. Ajaygoogle

Here’s today’s Search Insider column, continuing in the extended entry. Googlewiki vs. Ajaygoogle In the fortnight I spent honeymooning in India last month, I was introduced to many of Hinduism’s 330 million gods, and all those who manifested themselves were hospitable in sharing the wonders of the country with my wife and me. While we […]

Striking and Searching

Today’s column was originally published in MediaPost and continues in the extended entry. THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA launched its long-awaited strike. How will this event affect marketers, search engines, and consumers’ online media behavior? SEMCO, the union for search engine marketing columnists, hasn’t quite caught on, so I’m remaining on the job to answer […]