Search Marketing by the Book

I neglected to post last week’s MediaPost column as it went up, but here it is at last. Tomorrow’s will hopefully go up in a more timely manner. Search Marketing by the Book When planning search engine optimization strategies, what if you tried to promote your site like you’re promoting a book? It’s a timely […]

How SEO Can Stop a Scammer

This column ran a bit ago in MediaPost while I was away and continues in the extended entry. It’s also interesting to see how others adapt stories for their own audiences; Carolyn Allen of California Green Solutions shared this with her readers as an example of how to be a good neighbor. How SEO Can […]

Spock: The People Search Wiki

This column appeared last week in MediaPost. THE MOST COMMON REACTION I hear when I invite a friend to Spock is, "Not another!" That’s understandable; 2007 was the year that accepting online invites went from exciting to burdensome. Yet Spock brings new approaches to search engine optimization that I anticipate will become a model for […]

Facebook’s SEO Facelift

Originally published in MediaPost’s Search Insider Calling all spiders! Facebook wants its profiles to be part of your Web. Facebook will soon open up its 39 million profile pages to give them more visibility in search engines. As Danny Sullivan points out at Search Engine Land, search engines already index Facebook profiles — though only […]

Evolving Requirements For SEO

From MediaPost’s Search Insider; it continues in the extended entry Could the rules for search engine optimization change overnight?    It’s unlikely, but you might have that thought after reading a column by Dorian Benkoil in the Jack Myers Media Business Report last week, “When Will Programmable and Semantic Search Replace Spiders and Web Crawling?” […]