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I just came back from the Promotion Marketing Association&39;s Blur event in Chicago where I gave a talk in their digital track about metrics. They invited me after I wrote the column on 100 Ways to Measure Social Media (also at if you ever need to refer back to it). While I only had […]
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Here's today&39;s Social Media Insider, originally published in MediaPost It&39;s time to atone. Some may appreciate the timing, as it coincides with yesterday&39;s observance of Yom Kippur, Judaism&39;s Day of Atonement, the climax of a period of repentance. Everyone has some sins to atone for, including marketers and agencies trying to engage consumers through social […]
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Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider. I&39;d love your comments below. CPSA: The New Pricing Model For Social Media? What&39;s the best way to price social media advertising or marketing programs? That&39;s one of those questions that screams for the ever-honest "it depends" answer. Maybe that&39;s because we need a new pricing model. Let&39;s […]
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