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Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), there’s an event called Showstoppers where dozens – maybe about a hundred? – technology companies show off their latest wares to the press, and the press drinks so heavily that they wind up giving everything great reviews. Unfortunately for the companies exhibiting, I was too busy gorging […]
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Today’s column was originally published in MediaPost and continues in the extended entry. THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA launched its long-awaited strike. How will this event affect marketers, search engines, and consumers’ online media behavior? SEMCO, the union for search engine marketing columnists, hasn’t quite caught on, so I’m remaining on the job to answer […]
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Blogging from the launch of Firebrand, a new media company focused on entertaining ads in multiplatform environment – Web, TV (on Ion), and mobile. Official launch: October 22 Targets Millennials, 30% of US population. Firebrand: QVC for the MySpace generation, or doing for ads what MTV did for music/music videos. Bottom line: advertising supported by […]
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