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The Turtle and the Heir


You don’t always choose your areas of expertise.

For instance, did you know that you’ll never see an Oreo ad with someone eating more than three cookies at a time?

That’s because a single serving of regular Oreos is three cookies. Or at least that was the case when the agency I was at was working on the account.

My cousin sent in a photo of his daughter having one of those Norman Rockwell-esque Oreo moments, and there were four Oreos in the frame. It was rejected for the campaign we were working on due to the rule violation.

My latest area of expertise is turtles.

Yes, turtles.

They’re reptiles, in case you’re wondering. You probably knew they weren’t amphibians, even if they act amphibiously.

I’ve met my share of tortoises, but I only learned recently (thanks, National Geographic Kids) that tortoises are land animals with taller shells and stumpier feet, as opposed to their sleeker, web-footed turtle cousins.

I’m learning all of this because my kid determined she was a cat person, but the cats we adopted hated humans, so after finding them a new home, we kept looking for cats. But then, at PetSmart (which I only now see is a clever alternative to writing PetsMart — one of the more brilliant brand uses of intentional capitalization), while she was looking for cat supplies, we saw a pair of turtles, and both of us couldn’t stop watching them.

We learned that they like heat. They might have salmonella. They don’t do a whole lot. You have to clean their tank every other hour. They will live longer than Jimmy Carter, and way longer than Jimmy Hoffa.

I get it.

But now, somehow, instead of deciding between a cat and a dog, we’re deciding between which of the two turtles we are going to take home and name Swimmy.

I can’t make any Swimmy Hoffa jokes to her yet. She’s seven.


So what’s Swimmy doing in a marketing newsletter, beyond giving me one of the greatest opportunities for a title that I’ve had since the pandemic started?

I think one of the reasons my kid likes Swimmy so much is that Swimmy is neither a dog nor a cat.

She knows a lot of cat people. She knows a lot of dog people. She’s not surrounded by turtle people.

Until I asked my friends on Facebook for advice for a future turtle owner, I didn’t know if I knew any turtle people either.

I keep asking her every damn minute, “You’re sure you want a turtle? Really? A turtle?” And she reminded me how many times I’ve asked her some version of this question. That seemed to make her want the turtle even more.

I was going to get her two cats. I was planning on getting her two turtles too until I discovered you need something approaching a 100-gallon tank. You know how much real estate a 100-gallon tank takes up in Manhattan? I’d have to find a new job.

Dad joke time: what’s the best career choice for turtles?

Tort law!

Turtle humor — it’s so much funnier than cat humor.

My kid’s reminding me about two things:

First, we don’t have to pick what was originally on the menu. Charting your own path can be so empowering. Catch people off guard.

Second, as soon as you do, there’s a high from it. I remember when I told my friend Garth Holsinger that I was exploring the CMO role at the agency MRY back in 2013. Not many people had a job like that, especially one focused on marketing as opposed to sales. I can still hear Garth saying on the other end of the line, “An agency CMO. That’s weird.” It was that moment that I knew I wanted the job.

If weird isn’t for you, that’s great. I’m jealous of you.

But if you like things a little weird, or a lot weird, ask yourself if you’ve tasted that lately.

Ask yourself if there’s an option out there that isn’t one of the two on the table right now.

Ask yourself what you can do for your own customers or prospects that they’re not expecting — that’ll make things a little weird for them because they haven’t had that option before.

If that scratches some itch, it’s like ambrosia. You’ll be craving it.

Even if it means that you’ll wind up inheriting a turtle a decade from now that’ll live with you well into your 70s.

That’s weird.

But sometimes whatever feels so weird can also feel so right.


PS 1: Between when I wrote and published this, my kid was over turtles. She accepted they can’t do much, and you can barely hold them. But I still liked the column, and we still might get something weird. Stay tuned. When you see a column entitled, “Not by the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chinchilla,” you’ll know we got somewhere good.

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Director, Product Marketing and Senior Manager, Product Marketing
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Head of Marketing Demand Generation
Via Krista in the community:
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Head of Sales
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* LMX Labs: Head of Marketing & Communications (NY)

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