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The Frosting on Frost

Search_insider_mastheadIn today’s MediaPost piece, I fleshed out a few thoughts started on the blog. If you’ve been kind enough to enjoy the musings from the Frost & Sullivan event, here’s a more deliberate, more coherent roundup (I hope):

"WE’LL EVEN TAKE QUESTIONS ABOUT search engine marketing." That was Jim Waltz, CEO of Conducive Corporation, giving in to the audience mood at Frost & Sullivan’s Internet Marketing Strategies Symposium. For no matter what the workshop topic was, presenters and audience members in Phoenix, Ariz. last week for the conference couldn’t stop talking about search.

The speakers at the event were unusually open. Whether it was a marketer sharing aggregate customer data or a search engine optimization expert revealing successful tactics while on stage with competitors, Frost & Sullivan presented the most open and honest environment I’ve encountered anywhere this side of an episode of Dr. Phil.

As always, more at MediaPost.

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