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The New Goliath

I really wanted to write a better metaphor this week, but deadlines got the best of me. How could I compare search marketing to Goliath when Goliath is the prototypical bad guy, and then there’s David, the good guy, and perchance my ultimate namesake?

Alas, the "800 lb gorilla" deal didn’t quite work either, so I was stuck with a half-baked metaphor that did the trick. Granted, most of the comments that came in had more to do with my height than the meat of the column, so maybe I need to dig deeper next week.

From the column:

Maybe it’s the name connection, but I’m much more used to playing David
than Goliath. I was the shortest kid in my grade well into high school,
I root for the ever-underachieving Mets, and, until recently, I worked
in an industry struggling to gain a seat at the grown-up table.
Mercifully, some things change. I grew taller, the Mets have the best
record in the Majors, and more and more, search engine marketing is
finding a seat where it belongs.

More at the MediaPost blog.

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