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Two New Bylines on Content Marketing and LinkedIn Marketing


There&;s no wintry slowdown here – which is fitting, since it doesn&39;t feel like winter.

In case you&39;re curious, I&39;ve got two new bylines that were published over the past week.

In Adweek, I published my first byline there. I don&39;t expect to make it a habit, but the idea for it came up a few months ago during a Twitter chat (I sometimes treat #adweekchat as a competitive sport), and the story just ran. As an avid Adweek reader, just being published there is a thrill. The story is about 8 Ways You Should Be Using LinkedIn, But Probably Aren&39;t. For instance, here&39;s number 2:

Add Projects to your profile: Perhaps there&39;s a campaign you worked on, whose credits already appear publicly in an outlet such as Adweek, or maybe you&39;ve collaborated on a research report or a corporate social responsibility program. Add these to the underutilized Projects field on your profile and tag others who contributed. Given that this is public and part of your own profile, make sure it&39;s work that you were directly involved with and not just something your company did.

Head to Adweek to read all the rest.

Over at Commpro, I discuss how 2016 will be a year of reckoning for branded content. It recaps some of the major developments in 2015:

Over the past year, ad blocking threatened publishers as widespread consumer adoption wiped out billions of dollars’ worth of advertising impressions. The rise of native advertising has assuaged some of the bleeding, but a lot of what’s known as native advertising is easily blocked by browser and mobile plug-ins, and the Federal Trade Commission is now on the lookout for cases of marketers deceiving consumers through such ads.&;Publishers and marketers alike have coincidentally birthed a remedy to ad blocking: branded content.

Yet content marketing isn&39;t quite the panacea some are hoping for. This piece goes into why. I&39;ll also be discussing some of these issues during an upcoming webinar with Chute; stay tuned for details or follow their blog.&0160;

Happy New Year one and all; thanks for the readership this year, and I look forward to the interactions ahead in 2016.&0160;

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