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Wallstrip: Great Use of Mixed Media

MediaPost reader Howard Lindzon just sent me a note to check out Wallstrip.com, a Wall Street vlog (video blog). It is most definitely blog-worthy, and I’m glad he wrote in.

Wallstrip features certain stocks and offers a detailed analysis using a mix of video and text.

The most recent feature is a company I’ve never heard of, Loral. The first video is a Rocketboom-esque analysis with more substance than fluff, hosted by anchors a bit more photogenic than Jim Cramer. (In a way, the videos reminded me of Bill Nye the Science Guy, the old PBS show).) Then, along with some written analysis, there are videos analyzing stock performance and market trends, which is much more engaging than just the charts alone.

The subject matter isn’t one of my strong suits, but for those who do read the financial pages for fun or their day job, Howard and co. have created something so different from mainstream outlets like WSJ and Bloomberg that they should be able to keep developing a growing, loyal fan base.

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  • January 6, 2007

    Thanks much david. It’s funny how I got your newsletter. from one of my best buddies Mike Mallce in the radio business. I loved and yet am scared by yor worries about video.


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